If life is always preparing us in ways we may not even be aware of, how can we create an inner space of readiness and availability? How do we cultivate an inner experience that prepares us for the adventure and opportunity that life is sure to bring us?

It is trust and faith that needs to be practiced from within in order to be able to say yes to the new adventure. Marla shared with me that when the recent opportunity came to her to re-release this jazz album she had recorded years ago, she immediately thought, “maybe this is what I’ve been waiting for.” She had put so much work into this album before, then had an aneurism, which halted the project completely. Inwardly, she never felt like it was over. She had a trust and a faith that somehow it would come back around, she trusted God’s plan for this project.

Suffering an aneurism might be enough to make someone call it quits or shut down. Marla practiced the art of trust and faith knowing that somehow she would be led to the next adventure. She knew she was being prepared inwardly for when that adventure showed up. So she created an inner space of openness, faith and trust, and this allowed the Universe to organize itself around bringing this project to fruition in the perfect way.

This kind of faith involves us trusting that what is in our highest good will happen. How it’s going to happen is not our business. That’s God’s (the Universe, Source, the Divine…whatever you choose to call it) business, trusting this, is our business.

What challenges are you meeting in your life, and can you create a space of faith within yourself which keeps you open to how your good may show up? Can you trust a greater plan than yours to bring your good to you in the perfect way?

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